The Mission

I founded IBMastery to support IB students, parents and teachers around the world in an innovative way. I have been approached to write IB textbooks, but I didn't think another textbook with do much to fill the gap I was seeing. I could see that there are a lot of students who would appreciate the insights of a second teacher --so that's what I'm trying to do here. To make this as useful as possible, I spend time seeking out and interviewing the best IB teachers I can find and then I put their best insights into these courses. 


tim-and-bettina-in-italyAs useful as I think IBMastery can be, what really drives me is helping students reduce their stress. I remember finding it very stressful to raise my performance in High School, while at the same time trying to maintain a social life and make (what seemed like) the most important decisions of my life. IB students today are busier than ever, I love helping to reduce your stress, so you can make good decisions and stay balanced in your life.  

My story

I come from a family of teachers and social workers, so I grew up hearing a lot about people struggling. My family struggled too, mostly financially. My parents were (and are) amazing, supportive people, but we never had much money. However, we did have an amazing group of friends who helped us when times were bad. More than once, people left $300 in our mailbox, anonymously --so we could cover the mortgage.  I'm lucky to have been raised in the middle of Canada, canoeing every summer and spending my time with people who care about their community and the environment. So, I want to pay forward all of the gifts I've been given.


Besides teaching, I am also a fully-accredited Professional Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation). I am qualified to work with anyone from business executives, students, to parents to help you make academic or non-academic progress in your life. Marks are important, but success also relies on adaptability and a strong sense of personal values and drive.

I can help you deal with stress, improve your revision techniques or motivation, deal with family issues, or make great decisions about your college applications. (However, I am not a licensed psychologist, so I'm not qualified to deal with psychological challenges like depression or suicidal thoughts --though I would be happy to help you get in touch with whatever support you might need).  

I love helping my clients achieve more clarity, so they can take their next steps with confidence. 


Everything at IBMastery is guarenteed (and often a free trial), so I would love for you to see how much I can help you to reach your targets. Obviously, you can also cancel any time. There are no contracts and no hidden fees.


I'd love to work with you. 

Tim Woods