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Founded by Tim Woods, IBMastery aims to provide effective support for IB students and teachers, everywhere in the world.

We work with the best teachers, developing support programs which actually make it easier for students to acheive and get more enjoyment from their learning experience. 

We are driven to help students achieve, not only accademically, but also much more broadly. We hope by making academic achievement more achievable for students that it can create the time and the reduced stress required for them to reflect on their lives and who they are excited to become.

We also provide coaching services to assist in academic and non-academic goal achievement for students, as well as teachers and parents. Again, we look at the role of schools quite broadly. Marks are important, but adaptability and a strong sense of personal values and drive are also crucial components for success. We are pleased to provide as much support and benefit to the IB community as we can. 

IBMastery can help you achieve more clarity, so you can your next steps with confidence. Everything we provide comes with a guarentee, so we would love for you to see how much it can help you to reach your targets. 

We’ve got more than 2000 like-minded students and teachers working together. And we’d love for you to join us inside.


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