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IB Business Mastery

IB Business is a BIG course. There is a lot to learn about and a lot to get your head around. 

IB Business Mastery is about giving you everything you'll need to help you succeed. 

Here’s a fraction of what you’re getting:

  • The simple technique you can use to get FULL MARKS on 8 and 12-mark questions

  • Ready-to-Use case studies you can use for CUEGIS questions (to save you hours of original research)

  • Sample IA’s you can use to see exactly what scores marks.

  • Up-to-date insights curriculum changes, so you’re not surprised on the exam. (The IB publishes curriculum notes to IB Coordinators several times a year, so it’s easy for your teacher to miss some of these changes.)

  • Complete, accurate course notes, so you don’t have to make your own.

  • The IB Business Extended Essay mastery course, so you can start your EE as early as you want and still get a great grade.

    Again, that's just some of what you're getting and more is being added every month.


I always get emails from students who realise (often too late) that they've made mistakes with their research question for their IA or the EE, or that they didn't realise something was going to be on the exam. I hate hearing this, but it happens every year to hundreds of students. I want to help you to avoid problems like these.


Feedback from students, parents and teachers:

"Hi, I am a May 2014 IBDP graduate. I am grateful to say that your website had helped me a lot in finishing my IAs and EEs, I want to thank you for the resources that have been provided. As a result, "I got an A for EE in business after following the steps written in this website, including the help from my supervisor of course. I would recommend the current IB students to read the resources in your web, in order to obtain more insights. Thank you once again, sir!" 
- Cynthia @ Universitas Kristen Petra (Surabaya, Indonesia)

"I was looking about to get some support material for my son’s TOK and EE today and your pages have been great. They are easy to follow and digest. My son was very grateful. Keep up the great work!" -
- Karen (Doha, Qatar)

I remember feeling very busy when I was in High School. But, you are so much busier than I was back then. I know how hard the IB program is. You barely have time to think about things like your college and career options with all of the homework you're asked to do. And you need to have a social life too. I'm very sympathetic do this. I can't do your work for you, but I've spend many many hours putting this program together, to show you exactly what you need to do. It really is easy if you know what you're doing.

You deserve to have a life with a lot less stress. And you deserve to live a happy, balanced, healthy life. And you're not going to have healthy lifestyle habits in college if you don't have them now. This course is designed with all of that in mind —to save you stress and give you more time to spend relaxing with your friends before you all go off to different colleges.

 I Help Over 800,000 Students and Teachers Every Year!

And it makes me very happy to do that. Here is what people say about my stuff:

Everyone at my school in Mexico uses your Structure for TOK essays. I’ve used it on all of mine and I’ve never gotten lower than an A-. I just wanted to thank you for being a lifesaver.”
Maria @ Greengates School (Mexico City)

“Every self-motivated IB student knows @timwoods.”
Amanda Tiew @ Campaka Schools (Malaysia)

"Dear Mr. Woods, thank you so much for your structure for TOK essays. It's really helped me develop a clear idea of what to do when I was absolutely clueless before! Definitely recommending it to all my peers."
- Justine @ Tunas Muda International School (Jakarta)

“I teach ToK in Midvale, UT and LOVE your site. The students have really struggled with the essay writing process and your site structures it better than anything else I've ever received. Thanks” 
- S. Allen (Utah, USA)

This program also includes answers to all of the questions I am commonly asked by Business students (and their teachers, when they email me or I'm helping them in person).

This is useful because (just as in class) often another student will ask a great question that you can benefit from. All of those answers are in IB Mastery, organized for you, so you’ll have them just where you want them.