IBM Platinum

IBMastery's Platinum Network Is An Ever Expanding System Of Increasing Cooperation And Creativity Among Unique Ability Young People.

The Platinum Network is about connecting ambitious young people to ideas and opportunities that will inspire them and enable them to acheive a unique vision for themselves. 

Our Platinum students are really exceptional people. Sometimes they are already high acheievers academically and non-academically, but not always. What they all have in common is a great deal of ambition for acheiving great things in their lives --both for themselves and for society.

The Platinum Network connects these students to each other and also to influential people who can help to advance in their career.

Platinum is the ultimate advantage.

You will also get regular personal coaching and advanced career support facilitation from professional career support personel.  

All Platinum Network members develop a clear career-development plan of action, based on their unqiue abilities. Membership in the Network will continually increases their understanding of themselves, the development of their personal success strategies and their progress toward achieving exceptional results.